Vision And Mission


  • Inculcating Creativity
  • The comfortable pace of learning for individual Growth
  • Sensorial and experiential learning
  • Freedom to make choices
  • Igniting curiosity
  • Instilling a love for nature


The play way method

The play way method is a learning process which is spontaneous, stimulating and productive, children best through play experiences, which include:

  • Exploring concepts through hands-on activities.
  • Long blocks of uninterrupted play
  • Opportunities to explore both outdoors and indoors.
  • A caring, respectful relationship with peers, adults and nature &
  • An atmosphere which celebrates the joy of everyday life.

We develop a guest or love for learning and experience for children. Our Motto fun - play learn" guides our daily curriculum designed to stimulate the child's fullest potential.

By learning through play, a child's self-confidence and self-worth begin to grow, as he/she masters the take chosen.