Our Learning Curve

A curriculum that prepares children for lifelong learning

At Global Play School, we focus on six areas of education:

LANGUAGE ART: We will help your child to be able to integrate listening, speaking, emergent reading & emergent writing skills.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: The development of the body is as critical as that of the mind and spirit. We have a range of activities lined up for your child enhancing his fine motor and gross motor skills.

SCIENCE: Various activities, and constant instructions to bring alive concepts for your child and thus help your child, develop knowledge about live science, environmental science, physical science, health & safety.

SOCIO EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: We cater to developments of your child's life skill areas like social skills, learning approach & global citizenship and contribute to his/her social and personal development.

Thus by nurturing all areas of your child's development, we are creating good students and lifelong learners with intense intellectual curiosity.

MATHEMATICS: We will introduce your child to mathematics through the colourful words of numbers, shapes, patterns & logic.

CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT: Art is important to represent what a child is thinking, and we encourage the child to express his thoughts and imagination through visual arts, music & dramatic play